Blackpink Jennie
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On May 22, the cast of HBO’s The Idol including Blackpink Jennie, attended 2023 Cannes Film Festival held in Southern France.

Jennie was seen standing beside The Idol co-star Troye Sivan at the film festival’s red carpet. The idol wore a classic Chanel princess-esque white lace dress adorned with black accents.

According to reports, Jennie and her cast had much to celebrate on this day. On May 23, it was reported that the HBO series received a rousing 5-minute standing ovation after its screening.

The series, which follows an aspiring pop star and her complicated relationship with a self-hero guru and head of a cult, has been controversial, to say the least. On the same day, a tweet from the American media outlet Variety reviewing the first two episodes of the show went viral in Korea.

Despite this, it seems the show has ultimately won over the audience at the film festival. Only time will tell if the show, which will be released on June 4, wins over K-Pop audiences, but a standing ovation at Cannes is the best start the show could hope for.

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