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Kris, Tao, and Luhan became a hot topic in China when Luhan’s friend revealed the unexpected sweet interaction between the former EXO members after four years.

Kris, Tao, and Luhan had an unexpected private reunion for a surprising reason that will surely touch your heart.

After leaving EXO and a few issues against each former EXO member, the three former Chinese EXO members have finally reconciled and are now interacting again with each other just like the old times.

On a recent episode of “Luhan’s Adventure Trip to Europe,” one of Luhan’s friends revealed Luhan’s extreme fear of traveling by air.

The friend revealed that whenever Luhan needs to travel by air, the former EXO member always needs to prepare for it psychologically.

He also revealed that Luhan usually drinks a day before and even hours before the flight for him to have the courage to take the scheduled flight.

They already missed their first flight and they thought that their trip wouldn’t be pushed through.

But later on, the friend’s revelation gave every EXO fans the sweetest news that they’ve been waiting after four years.

The friend started talking about Kris and Tao, and how the two former EXO members helped Luhan overcome his fear.

The re-scheduled trip was two days after the original date, they started to feel worried until Tao showed up with Luhan at the airport. The friend also thinks that Tao and Kris probably visited Luhan in his home before Tao and Luhan went to the airport.

Tao drove Luhan to the airport and upon their arrival at the airport, the two stayed in the car for awhile.

After a few minutes, Luhan went out and courageously said “Let’s go.”




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