JTBC new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Was It Love?” premiered on July 8 with cast, that include Kim Min Joon. The drama tells the story of single mom who has been living on her own for 14 years when four men suddenly enter her life, G-Dragons brother-in-law is one of the four men in the said drama.

The siblings, Dami Kwon and G-Dragon showed their support on the premiere day, Dami Kwon posted in her Instagram stories stated “My hubby. Good Luck!” In addendum to that, G-Dragon sent her sister a photo of a screen showing Kim Min Joon in the drama. Dami Kwon replied with symbols for laughter and asked, ”Are you watching too, my son? G-Dragon laughed in response. His sister wrote on the image and tagged G-Dragon with,” Thank you my beautiful son for watching live too,haha”.

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