Girls Generation Yoona

After a long contract period of 11 years, Girls Generation’s Yoona has ended up her role as the CF model for Innisfree.

On September 3, it announced YoonA has been chosen as the brand model of a new cosmetic brand Estée Lauder!

Fans have come across a new post on ‘Estée Lauder Korea’s official Instagram. It stated that brand will be announcing their brand new endorsement model very soon and shared a hint image.

“Basically everyone was wondering which lucky cosmetic company was gonna snatch YoonA up after Innisfree, and now we have the winner!”, “She’s the new face of another brand already!! Kekeke the power of YoonA!”, “We knew her as ‘Human Innisfree’ for so long but it turns out YoonA is YoonA, she fits anything perfectly~”, “I knew YoonA was gonna start endorsing a high-end brand asap!”, “YoonA goes with ‘Estée Lauder’ well~ This brand has more of an elegant and refined image, when Innisfree was completely pure and clean”, and more! Netizens commented.

We can’t wait to see how Yoona does in her new role as Estée Lauder’s muse!

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