Han Seo Hee

After attacking Bigbang’s TOP, Han Seo Hee is now attacking another second generation idol, Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong is one of TVXQ’s former members and is now part of the Korean group, JYJ.

Han Seo Hee became an intriguing name a year ago when this wannabe K-pop idol allegedly led Bigbang TOP on smoking an electronic cigarette with marijuana content.

Han Seo Hee denied this stating “I never forcibly suggested it even once, the electronic cigarette was also not mine.”

Image result for han seo heePhoto: Han Seo Hee during her Instragram live.

While Bigbang TOP has been crazily scrutinized by fans during those times, Han Seo Hee showed no remorse as she went live on Instagram laughing, cursing, and talking about Bigbang TOP’s private parts to her viewers.

Now, Han Seo Hee is again making a buzz as she made an online scene again with another Korean idol.

Han Seo Hee already revealed before on Instagram that she’s a huge fan of TVXQ.

She left a lot of comments on Kim Jaejoong’s Instagram account telling him that she’s a huge fan of TVXQ.

Many people liked her comments which made her on the top list of the comment section.

However, everything changed when Han Seo Hee posted this on her Instagram story.

Han Seo Hee’s Instagram: @hxxsxxhee

Han Seo Hee accused Kim Jaejoong of spying her Instagram when Han Seo Hee saw Kim Jae Joong viewed her Instagram story, plus telling everyone that she’s leaving the fandom.

Han Seo Hee said, “Are you spying on me? Why did you do it? I bet you will spy on this, too. Leaving the fandom.”

Fans couldn’t stop feeling angry towards the wannabe K-pop idol for accusing Kim Jaejoong for spying just by viewing one of her Instagram stories.

Now, Han Seo Hee already blocked the comment section on her Instagram account due to the massive comments she received from people.

Recently, Han Seo Hee and Kim Sang Kyo (@saint.kyo), the guy who started the accusation against Seungri, once followed each other on Instagram then Han Seo Hee unfollowed Kim Sang Kyo later on after fans noticed their interaction. Kim Sang Kyo still follows her on Instagram.

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