Han Seo Hee is spilling the tea

Idol trainee Han Seo Hee appeared on the headline with Big Bang’s TOP earlier this year thanks to the marijuana case involving both of them. While both have received their sentence (probation and suspended prison sentences), Han Seo Hee seems to refuse to let go of the case. Taking her Instagram, she once again spoke about the incident, and at one point, said TOP’s sexual organ is smaller than a MAC lipstick.

Will she debut?

On the same occasion, through her Instagram live, she also spoiled her debut plan. She said that she’s planning to debut in a 4-member girl group sometime in January 2018. She didn’t clarify which company is she under, nor her exact debut date. However, netizens have a hard time believing that she’ll manage to debut after all the controversies she’s linked to.

Photo credit: Naver Entertainment

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