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Ulzzang Style

Ulzzangstyle is your fashion and community site for Asian fashion, appearance and accessories.

What exactly is the meaning of the term “Ulzzang”? The name or term “Ulzzang” comes from South Korea and means nothing more than “the perfect look or the perfect face”. Basically, therefore, in Korea a Ulzzang is someone who has a very attractive face. Since in South Korea there is a trend to enhance the basic beauty of the already very attractive, the term was used online as well as offline (which was the driving force for its spread) in an excessive way in recent years. Thus, it was not long before this term or culture had reached the rest of the world. Nowadays, there are Ulzzangs from Brazil to Japan and from Sweden to South Africa, you can find Ulzzangs simply anywhere in the world. Be an Ulzzang and become part of our community!