HyunA recently joined

4Minute’s ex-member HyunA recently joined two of her labelmates, E’Dawn and Hui of Pentagon, as the only female member of a subunit. Pentagon is the latest boy group debuting under Cube Entertainment. The trio goes by the name Triple H and made their debut in May 2017.


Working with opposite sex labelmate is not new for HyunA since she had previously worked with Jang Hyun-Seung, then a part of boy group BEAST. The two worked under unit Trouble Maker and have released several songs together. When Hyun-Seung later departed from BEAST, fans have been left puzzling about when will Trouble Maker make a comeback.

The “365 Fresh” music Video

It seems that Trouble Maker’s fans have to wait a bit longer. On May 1, Triple H dropped a controversial music video featuring some explicit scenes. Some viewers sounded their discomfort after watching the ‘365 Fresh’ music video. Responding to the controversy, HyunA replied, “I want to do something different from what I have always done.” That seems to be the case since Triple H brings sexiness to a whole new level.

Check out their music video below and let us know what you think of it! (The video is rated PG-15)

Photo credit: sisunnews via Naver
Video credit: 1theK via YouTube


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