After HyunA revealed that she was diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and vasovagal syncope, the star updated worried fans about her current condition. She took to her Instagram to update her fans on her health condition.

“How are you? I’m working hard to maintain my health, and I’m exercising, too. I’m spending happy days thanks to the support of my fans. I couldn’t keep my promise while preparing for my upcoming activities. I feel very apologetic to those who were by my side,” Hyuna said.

HyunA shared that she’been working hard to gain weight for the sake of her health. “I’ve been working hard to gain weight in order to recover my health. It’s important to keep a consistent weight. To all my fans, please take care of your health, too.”

Also, HyunA postponed her “GOOD GIRL” comeback due to her health condition.

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