Another amazing news from iKON!

After two years and eight months since their debut, iKON finally achieved 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

iKON’s Love Scenario has been one of the most successful songs this year. It made new history that no other K-pop group has done in ten years.

This is the first time that an iKON’s official MV has reached more than 100,000,000 views on YouTube which marks a beautiful history in iKON’s career.

Today, Love Scenario’s Japanese version was released and made it to the #1 spot of Japan’s iTune Chart. 

Also another amazing news is that iKON’s Love Scenario was used as a background music for a Japanese webtoon’s commercial promotion.

Three amazing news from iKON in just one day! Indeed, iKON’s future is so bright and is truly promising. All these amazing news make June 1, one of the best days in iKON’s career.

iKON is currently preparing for their comeback album which is to be revealed soon.

Are you ready for another timeless song from iKON? Get ready, SHOWTIME!

Watch iKON’s Love Scenario below:

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