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What are the legendary lyrics that were written by iKON’s leader, Kim Hanbin?


iKON’s leader, B.i., is known as one of the legendary leaders in K-pop’s history.

Being a writer, composer, producer, choreographer, rapper, and a leader of iKON, Hanbin carried the responsibility of the success of six lives on his shoulders.

With the massive success of iKON’s Love Scenario all over the world due to the song’s smooth hip-hop beat and relatable lyrics on top of iKON’s spectacular vocals, many people now know that the lyrics of iKON’s songs are in some way unique and refreshing.

Aside from Love Scenario, some people still do not know that iKON songs have heart-touching lyrics.

Check out some of iKON B.i.’s amazing song lyrics that you need to know:

iKON’s Apology

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you
I’m sorry that I’m not enough
That until the very end I only show you such a small part of me yeah
For not being able to fill you up
Please Forgive me
I hope you meet someone
That’s better than me, kinder than me”

Winner’s Empty (iKON’s B.i. wrote and produced the song)

“When I open my eyes in the morning, my heart feels empty
I feel the emptiness, just like I did before I met you”

iKON’s Airplane

“I should’ve done everything to make you stay
Then I wouldn’t be living in regret, girl
I’m gonna miss your presence for all my life”

iKON’s Love Scenario

“Today was our yesterday and now there’s no tomorrow
It hurts but if we dragged it out more, it would’ve become a scar
I loved you and I was loved
So that’s good enough for me”

iKON’s Just Go

“Just go
Back to him again
It was wrong from the beginning
In the end, I became the fool
You were never mine
But I wish for the happiness you couldn’t have with me”

iKON’s Best Friend

“I look at you looking at him
I try to comfort myself and my eyes get teary
Cause yo so beautiful to me
In the end we’re friends”

iKON’s Killing Me

“But behind that is an empty heart
On this dark night, I’m alone again
This isn’t right
Her existence is such a big part of my world
I try but I can’t take her out of it
Once I did take her off, I broke down”

iKON’s Hug Me

“As time goes by, i try to hide my feelings that are growing stronger
I do my best but I keep moving on my own instinctively, every time
Next to you I’m a friend, alone in my head, we’re lovers
I walk trying to forget you, the streets that you and he walked”

iKON’s Everything

“Please remember
You are small in this world but
To me, the beautiful you
You’re my everything and my world”

iKON’s Climax

“Giving up my youth, I ran
barefoot for three years
After saying a heartless goodbye
to my family and friends
Living each day, always
nervous about tomorrow
I told them to trust me, that
we will succeed for sure
With the weight of not just my life
but five others on my
shoulders, looking for chances
I had no choice but to throw
away the pressure and failures
Now I want to see the light so
I put my future on the line
The gods asked me if I
wasn’t gonna regret this
But I answer without hesitating,
why would I regret?
What’s left behind this stage
is either success or failure
I put my everything on the line
and there is no next time
My determination has no choice
but to be different
from others”


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