iKON Hallyu Wave

iKON is the real hallyu star in Indonesia!

After the SEA Games 2018 Closing Ceremony, many non-fans of K-pop were turned into a K-pop fan after watching iKON’s incredible performances.

Indonesian news outlets claimed that iKON is the best representation of hallyu wave in Indonesia.

The crowd singing to iKON’s Love Scenario and Rhythm Ta proved that iKON is indeed a hallyu star!

It was not even a K-pop event and not everyone in the audience are K-pop fans, but the fanchants proved the untold power of iKON.

iKON’s performance during the SEA Games’ closing ceremony, no media could ever deny the real power of iKON in the K-pop industry.

Even non-K-pop fans were surprised why haven’t they heard of iKON’s amazing songs before.

Everyone were even more ecstatic during iKON’s Rhythm Ta performance.

It was too lit that people couldn’t stop their selves saying “WOW!”

Check out the reaction of non-K-pop fans to K-pop after watching iKON’s amazing performance at the SEA Games 2018 Closing Ceremony:





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