iKON Naked
iKON is unstoppable as they go “full naked” in revealing how strong their bond is as a group.


iKON hold no bars as they revealed how intimate they are with each other.

iKON’s Ju-Ne revealed that iKON members are really comfortable with each other.

He revealed that there was one time when he was talking to iKON’s Jinhwan inside the restroom while Jinhwan was pooping.

iKON also revealed that after iKON Bobby’s birthday celebration, iKON’s Bobby, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, and Hanbin, dip in a bathtub together while they’re naked.

Other two iKON members were also taking photos of them while the four members are in the bathtub.

Check out this short clip below:

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