Fan Song

iKON gifts iKONICS another special fan song.


iKON released another fan song after the airing of iKON TV’s last episode.

iKON are known for always releasing songs dedicated to their fans.

Some of iKON’s fan songs are Wait For Me, Long Time No See, M.U.P., and Welcome Back.

Now, iKONICS are getting a new gift from iKON.

The song is a gift to all iKONICS who stayed by their side despite iKON and iKONICS’ sufferings in the past two years.

This is a song for all iKONICS who survived the bully from other people when people called iKON as “A Group With No Visual,” “A Japanese Group,” and “The Flop Group of YG.”

A song for all iKONICS who remained and continued their never ending support for iKON regardless of what happened in the past years.

iKON always tell iKONICS to treat them as a family or friend, not as celebrities. And that iKONICS must talk and communicate with iKON, casually— like how iKONICS talk to their close friends.

After watching iKON TV, new fans were able to see the real side of iKON, behind the glitz and glamour of the K-pop industry. They’re not even scared to reveal their skin imperfections, bare skin, on national television.

Are you ready to listen to iKON’s new fan song titled, “I’ll Give It To You?”

Watch the official video below and let’s take a look back at some amazing moments on iKON TV.





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