SEA Games 2018

iKON and Super Junior are indeed the pride of the Republic of Korea at SEA Games 2018 Closing Ceremony.


During the closing ceremony of SEA Games 2018, iKON and Super Junior performed as representatives of the Republic of Korea.

The two groups were thoroughly chosen and invited by the SEA Games board members to represent their country for the event.

It was last night that iKON have finally fulfilled one of their goals, to represent their country.

Some of you might’ve not known this yet, the meaning behind iKON’s name is an icon from Korea.

Last night was indeed a memorable one for the YG Entertainment’s two-year-old boy group as they have finally and proudly shown to the world that iKON is an icon proudly representing the Republic of Korea, their home.

iKON performed to their mega hit songs ‘Love Scenario’ and ‘Rhythm Ta.’

iKON had the loudest fanchants last night. It was so loud that you’ll thought that the event was held in South Korea because the audience of SEA Games 2018 Closing Ceremony loudly sang to iKON’s Love Scenario and Rhythm Ta.

It even looked like they were having a concert.

Watch these videos below as a proof:


Meanwhile, Super Junior had shown to the world that the second generation of K-pop is indeed the golden era of the K-pop industry.

Super Junior was one of the groups that opened the doors of K-pop to the world.

Everyone was ecstatic to see Super Junior performed last night, especially when they performed to their legendary song ‘Sorry, Sorry’ that has become a huge song since 2009.

Super Junior gave an all out performance that made everyone danced to their song.

Super Junior performed a total of three songs.

Watch Super Junior’s performance below:


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