Talk about loyalty.


Despite being in the so-called “Big 3” companies and had released two amazing songs last year (Bling Bling & B-Day) , those weren’t enough to make YG’s boy group be invited to the year-end awards in 2017. I guess those people who were saying that being part of the “Big 3” companies are lucky and privileged, are wrong. Indeed, it’s hard to create their own shine in a place where you are surrounded by diamonds. It’s either make or break for iKON .

Knowing the origin of iKON as a group, you already know how difficult the road was for them to get the group name that they have now. They started as trainees 10 years ago in YG, until they became contestants in WIN “Who Is Next?” and lost to Winner, and then Mix & Match where they finally get their name as iKON and was able to have the permanent members of the group.

iKON’s rocky journey didn’t end right there. Right after their debut, haters started releasing fake rumors to drag the group down. Here are a few of the insane rumors that haters were spreading after their debut:

  • B.I was accused as a bully in high school
    Unfortunately, some K-pop news site started making an article about this rumor, and some people even “showed evidence” to prove that B.I. was a bully. The truth? B.I. didn’t even attend high school.
  • Yunhyeong was accused of plastic surgery
    One of the users on a Korean website accused Yunhyeong of plastic surgery. The reason? It’s because the user thinks that Yunhyeong’s sister looks like a Gangnam unnie.
  • YG was accused of manipulating the number of iKON’S dome concert attendees
    Articles circulated in Korea that YG was faking the success of iKON in Japan. Some articles said that YG faked the number of attendees in iKON’s Japan dome tours, and some writers said that iKON was really not successful in Japan. Thankfully, the fans who attended iKON’s successful Japan dome tours defended iKON and showed their proofs that some were even paying high prices from other people just to attend iKON’s dome tours. http://pann.nate.com/talk/337179928
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  • Junhoe is in love with Hanbyul
    This rumor is crazy. Junhoe was accused of being in love with Hanbyul who is B.I’s younger sister. The kid was around 6 years old when this rumor spread in South Korean’s K-pop sites.
  • Junhoe hanging out with a beautiful girl
    Yes, Junhoe hanging out with his good looking girl friends became a scandal as some K-netizens see this as a bad image for a rookie group (around 2016). There was one time when they made a rumor about Junhoe seeing a girl. That girl was Junhoe’s older sister.
  • Yunhyeong is from a rich family
    Despite Yunhyeong not telling anyone about his family background, the K-netizens found out that Yunhyeong came from a rich a family and some netizens made it look like being rich is a problem. No one even thought how humble Yunhyeong was for keeping his family background out from the limelight.
  • iKON have no visual member
    Unfortunately, some netizens think that iKON members are not good looking enough and that no iKON member is good to be the group’s visual. Can someone just show this gif to those people then?

There were actually more fake rumors that were thrown at iKon after their debut. BUT GUESS WHAT?


Despite not being invited by the year-end awards, this lonely iKONic still showed his support towards iKON by attending the year-end awards bringing his or her KonBat— the name of iKON’s lightstick.

1. An iKONic bringing KonBat during Melon Music Awards 2017.

Image result for konbat mma 2017


2. Another lonely iKonic supporter during MAMA 2016.

Image result for konbat mama 2017

3. And lastly, the most current awards show, another iKONic bringing KonBat during Golden Disk Awards 2018.


Drowning in the sea of other fandom’s lightsticks, these/this iKONic/s (we don’t know if those three are the same person or not) stay/s loyal and still believe/s that iKON is going to be successful despite being underrated and being accused of fake rumors which the group don’t deserve.

Gladly, iKONics continue to show their support for iKON through their V-Live channel. In return, iKON members continue to show their massive thanks to the iKONics by doing V-Lives even around 3:00am in the morning. iKON even mention their fans’ names, replies on V-Live’s chatbox, and ask their supporters to post their own pictures, and not the pictures of iKON members, on iKON’s V-live CH+ channel.

It’s indeed amazing to see a young group keeping everything calm and strong despite everything they went through.

Thankfully, YG opened an amazing new year for iKON as the company revealed that iKON are gearing for a January comeback. Despite not knowing the exact date yet, iKONics are thrilled and are getting ready for the comeback that the fans have been waiting for.

For now, check out iKON’s comeback teaser below:

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