Seoul Music Awards

iKON, Twice, Seventeen, Monsta X, Wanna One, and more K-pop groups were frightened and almost injured of Seoul Music Awards 2019’s dangerous pyrotechnics that surrounded the stage during BTS’ performance.
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Seoul Music Awards is in a hot seat when K-pop fans saw their favorite K-pop groups frightened during BTS’ performance due to the fireworks that were placed just inches above iKON and Momoland’s seats.

The idols were seen moving and running away from their seats when the pyrotechnics display started.

Though it was not aired on TV, many fancams captured what happened and created a huge buzz as the idols’ safety were not thoroughly checked by the SMA committee.

Luckily, no K-pop idols were harmed by the pyrotechnics and idols just rubbed the ashes of the fireworks after what happened.

Check out the video below:

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