2018 Melon Music Awards
Finally! iKON won Song of the Year for Love Scenario at 2018 Melon Music Awards.


After how many year-end award shows this year, iKON was finally awarded with the Song Of The Year for Love Scenario’s phenomenal success this year.

With no doubt, iKON’s massive success with Love Scenario— 204 Perfect All Kills, the highest Perfect All Kill in Korea’s music industry ever and was magically loved by all ages from toddlers to grandparents, rightfully deserves to be called the Song Of The Year.

2018 Melon Music Award

iKON couldn’t put into words how grateful they felt upon hearing their group’s name as the winner for Song of the Year was announced, but iKON’s unprepared speech made everyone from different fandoms felt touched by iKON’s speech for their supporters, iKONICS.

iKON’s viral and heartwarming Thank You speech after receiving Song of the Year award:


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