Funniest K-Pop Group
Who are the top 3 funniest K-pop groups this year? 1theKing reveals the top 3 craziest K-pop group in 2018.


2018 has been a very good year for K-pop. A lot of amazing songs have been released.

K-pop proved that their music is not just loved by teens, K-pop is for all types gender and is for all ages. A huge thanks to iKON’s Love Scenario for that.

Aside from music, K-pop idols were also active in a lot of shows this year.

Setting aside the melancholic and hype songs, 1theK revealed the Top 3 Funniest K-pop groups in 2018.

Pentagon ranked at no.3 while Twice ranked at no.2.

And iKON won the first place as the Funniest K-pop Group in 2018.

Check out these videos to see how crazy iKON gets when all the members gather together.



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