League Of Legends
iKON’s Bobby was chosen by League of Legends— one of the top online games worldwide, to sing the remix version of League of Legends anthem for this year’s world championship.


League of Legends surprised all their players, especially the K-pop fans players, a remix collaboration of their song for this year’s League of Legends’ world championship.

Bobby is the first ever Korean artist to collaborate with League of Legends.

“Rise,” League of Legends’ anthem for this year’s world championship, became a hot topic recently for releasing a remix version of the song featuring iKON Bobby’s undeniable breathtaking rap skills.

iKON Bobby, the winner of SMTM3 who proved to the world that there’s more behind his K-pop idol image, gave a more energetic, hype, and swag energies to the song.

With Bobby’s fluent English skills and his Korean language, Bobby gave the song a mixture of Korean and English rap lyrics.

Everyone was amazed by the smooth transition of Bobby’s rap switches from English to Korean rap lyrics.

League of Legends has been one of the long-running online game that is being played by online game players around the world.

Check out iKON Bobby’s version of “Rise” below:

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