iKON is back with a new song called “I’m Ok” and people are impressed as to how relatable this song is to people who are suffering from depression.

As a finale for iKON’s New Kid series, iKON released “I’m Ok” on January 7, 2019.

Everyone was surprised when they heard iKON’s new song as the group showed another exceptional song that people could surely relate to.

People started sharing their personal experiences on the comment section which is also another unexpected impact of iKON’s “I’m Ok.”

Check out some of the heartwarming comments on iKON’s “I’m Ok” below:

1. Jimin’s Jams

Every single line of lyrics describes my life, especially “you break every piece of me when you laughed out as if my sadness means nothing to you.” I relate to this one so so so badly. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, anxiety in general, and I sometimes feel as if I talk to the voices in my head, as if it’s not just myself. I started self harming about a year ago and stopped, but started again recently because the pain was too much for me to handle. There’s a guy in my school who used to care for me and loved me like no one has ever did before. Then he left me. For whatever reason. He just left. He stopped talking to me and stopped caring about me. He breaks every single part of me when he laughs while I have my head down secretly tearing up…thinking about how much he used to care about me. My dad also left us. And my family doesn’t understand my struggles. I feel lonely all the time and the most I can react to that is cry alone in my dark room with my pillows, making it even worse than it already is. I’ve considered suicide as an option quite a few times, but I didn’t have the courage. Sometimes I just want to sleep and never ever wake up again. All of this is going on inside my head but all I’ll ever say when someone asks me if I’m doing fine is “I’m ok” because no one really cares. I hate being so discouraging, and yes, I did try if you’re wondering. I tried so hard to be happy, to find the wonderful things in life. But artificial happiness doesn’t last long. And it didn’t. He took my happiness along with him when he decided to leave me. But I just want to say this song is beautiful and relatable. Thank you so much iKON for making this song💜
2. sugarchu__

OMG, its so heartwarming to see comments section like im reading someone’s diary and its beautiful, you all can open up about ur difficulty, depression, anxiety thru this beautiful song, how great hanbin can reach ur heart with his deep lyrics, he must be proud of you, and for all of you who get thru difficulty, anxiety and even depression please DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF, you are BEAUTIFUL, and you DID WELL, just believe in yourself, and i know YOU CAN do it ❤️
idk know who they are and i don’t know anything about kpop I just saw this on twitter trending and i saw the screenshot of the lyrics so i check this out. But damn! This is the first time I cried to a song while listening & reading a lyrics. This song speaks all the words i feel. I have work sleep work sleep life so I felt tired and empty but I always says I’M OKAY. I’m somewhat not really okay but i don’t want anybody to pity on me. This is song is really relatable. I’ll check this group. i didn’t plan to comment but after finishing the song it really hook me.
this is a whole new level of facing reality. damn
I’m listening to this song as I’m reading the comments, and wow,,,seeing so many people opening up and telling their own stories about the struggles and hardships they went through is so inspiring and sad. It’s making me real emotional lol I can really feel the emotion and message this song is trying to give without even analyzing the lyrics,,,I’m Ok is just beyond words. This group deserve so much more success and recognition than now, seriously. iKON is such an extraordinary group. I don’t ever regret knowing and supporting them (“:
6. Vip Tae

Thank you ikon for everything! Honestly you guys are amazing and motivate me always. Seeing how much you guys went through makes me work even harder even though I have failed to reach my goals. I’m now lost but I have been keeping a positive mind. Maybe one day i will finally find what I am good at and finish my education that way. This could take months or even years but for now I will keep pushing through and trying my best to do what I am doing right now. Thank you again for everything. Let’s be happy ikon!
7. Jenlichu

This song trigerred me so much. I have depression & anxiety for a long long time. I sometimes tell myself i’m ok, but actually i’m not ok. Every single words in this song bring back so much memories & emotion in me. I’m crying. It feels like iKON know me, and share the struggle together with me. Thankyou for the beautiful song.
I keep on going back here not only because I love iKON’s music but because I want to learn about the individuals sharing about their struggles here. This is why Hanbin is making music, since WIN he never really cared about the results but he always made sure that he convey his emotions and stories which will touch people’s heart at the same time. He’s never hesitant to make music that’s against the norm. Not only him but all of the iKON members. They’re one of the most fearless artists in the industry. I remember Kang Seungyoon of Winner said that it was his lifelong dream to make people cry or touch their hearts through his music but instead of himself, his brother (Hanbin) made it possible through Climax.
9. Synics

MY STORY: 3 years ago, someone i truly loved with everything i had betrayed me and left me alone in the darkness. My best friends, friends were all worried but to not make them worry i always put on a smile act like im ok but actually the sadness is killing me on the inside, But 3 years later i have no dated anyone since, she tried to come back to me but i told her to just leave me alone i don’t need her back to just disappoint me again.
I’ve been living with depression for nearly 10 years now and to live every day is a choice I have to make. Survival doesn’t leave a lot of room for personal relationships and I’ve gotten used to being lonely and carrying my burdens by myself, but this comment section reminds me that we’re all connected, by love and pain and music and art. To whoever reads this, I’m proud of you. You’ve done well. Keep going. The world deserves to keep you. ❤️


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