University Festival
iKON is giving a whole new experience to all university festival attendees!


Recently, iKON’s live performances in university festivals went viral as the YG group brought university festivals into a whole another level!

iKON might be a two-year-old group, but that doesn’t stop them from giving wild live performance experiences to their fans.

During university festivals, people are usually seen carrying their phones, taking videos of the performers on stage. BUT! iKON is starting to change this habit.

Just when people thought that K-pop boy groups are all about perfect choreographs and visuals, then iKON will prove you wrong.

Aside from breathtaking live performances and mindblowing fanchants, iKON were serving unexpected fanservice and hype performances that no other K-pop group has ever done before.

If you’ve already seen clips of iKON’s recent performances in Hongik University, Yonsei University, Kookje University, Seokyeong University, and Kangwoon University, you probably already know what happens whenever iKON start performing.

What happens when iKON start performing? Find out the answer in iKON’s legendary live performances below.


1. Amazing Fanchants. Yes! iKONICS, and even non-iKONICS, sang along to iKON’s songs. iKONICS sometimes sing along to the entire song!


2. Unexpected Fanservice. Worried about not getting amazing shots of iKON? Then no worries, they will do the work for you. It’s either iKON members will come to you for a picture or iKON will get your phone and will take video of their selves. Also, iKON love taking videos of the audience. They even post it on their SNS.



3. Breathtaking live performances. When iKON performs, make sure to put down your phone and get ready to get wet!





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