IU is really loved by “Hyori’s Homestay”.

IU is currenty filming her upcoming drama “My Ahjussi” and the cast and crew of the reality show sent the singer-actress a coffee truck to show support.

On February 22, IU uploaded several photos of the coffee truck and captioned it with “Unnie (pertaining to Lee Hyori), president (pertaining to Sang Soon), Hyori Homestay family, thank you for surprising me. I am moved…”

Together with the coffee truck there are several banner stating how they are supporting IU and how they praised her for always being a hard working person like when she were their employee. Another banner stated how IU is always welcome to visit the homestay after she finishes the drama.

“Hyori Homestay” became phenomenal when IU became the first ever employee. Her chemistry with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon were very evident and many loved the trio.

Meanwhile, IU also received a food truck from actor Lee Seung Gi to also show his support for her upcoming drama.

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