Digital Queen is back!

IU released her latest remake album entitled “[Kkot-Galpi #2]: A Flower Bookmark”!

Her pre-released track from this album entitled “Autumn Morning” is a big hit and dominated all the charts and on September 22, IU dropped all the tracks on the album and released two music videos.

For her first music video, she sang the classic track “Last Night Story” that was originally sung by Sobangcha. If you’ve watched Reply 1988, the main leads except Park Bo Gum danced to this track.

In IU’s music video, she showcased scenes wherein she’s giving her all to dance to the music.

On the second music video, she did a live performance for “Sleepless Rainy Night” which is originally sung by legendary singer Kim Gun Mo.

Another Reply 1988 and classic track is included in the album so you better check it out!

You can watch the music videos here:


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