It’s been one year since the singer Jamie left JYP Entertainment and became Warner Music Korea’s first artist and changed her stage name from Park Jimin to Jamie.

Jamie made her first comeback under her new agency Warner Music Korea on September 3 and released her digital single “Numbers”.This track features a hip-hop base with a refreshing piano sound along with an addictive melody. Jamie also took part in the writing and producing of this song.

Regarding her new song “Numbers,” Jamie explained, “Whenever I had a good idea, I would write it down in my notes. Numbers is my own little take on how numbers can rank who we are as artists.” She added, “We tend to lose a sense of who we are through the different ranks, numbers, views, and followers we have. I wanted to let people know that their worth is not based off numbers.”

Jamie also admitted that she sometimes felt that she hadn’t found her own color yet.

“I always had a concern in my heart where I wondered, ‘Does my music have no charm because I haven’t found my own unique color yet? Is the music I’m making only relatable for me?’ As someone who makes music, music has to be comforting for me too. However, everyone wants others to be able to relate to them. That’s why I think it would be great if this time, people could relate to my story in ‘Numbers,’ and I could touch the hearts of others through the song.”

We hope the best for her!

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