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Among all the iKon members, who do you think caught the heart of this actress/model?

On the last episode of JTBC’s Idol School Trip, Asuka— a Japanese model and actress who is one of the lucky Japanese students who get the chance to spend a school trip with YG’s iKon in the beautiful island of Jeju, was asked about who she thinks is the most handsome in iKon.

Do you know who she chose?

Well, she answered that JinHwan is the most handsome in iKon.

Teacher Kim who is one of the hosts, teased JinHwan with his reaction when he found out that Asuka chose him among the other members.

Watch this short clip below, and don’t forget to check out iKon’s JinHwan beautiful photos below:

Ikon, kpop, and jinhwan image   Ikon imageIkon image   asian, singer, and bobby image kpop, Ikon, and kim jinhwan image  Related image

asian, singer, and boy image      bobby, Ikon, and jinhwan image       Ikon, jay, and kpop image                               airport, idol, and bobby image

birthday, jinhwan, and cake image     airport, idol, and asian imageImage result for ikon idol school trip



gif, Ikon, and kpop image gif, Ikon, and yaoi image


Who is your bias in iKon? Comment it below.


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