iKON's Comeback Video Teaser

K-netz are loving iKON’s comeback video teasers!


After the mega hit success of Love Scenario, Korean fans are now gearing up for iKON’s “CONTINUE” comeback.

Since July 28, YG Entertainment kept on dropping iKON’s powerful comeback video and photo teasers, and everyone was surprised to see that DanceKON is back!

With iKON’s incredible dancing skills and Jinhwan’s literally breathtaking visual, Korean netizens couldn’t stop talking about iKON’s exciting comeback on the Naver platform.

The hype even got crazier when Yang Hyun Suk dropped the most powerful video teaser of one of iKON’s comeback songs. 

Check out Knetz’ reactions on iKON’s most recent comeback video teaser.




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