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Kang Daniel clears Seungri’s name after media accused Seungri as the reason why Kang Daniel wants to leave LM Entertainment.

Recently, media reported that one of the reasons why Kang Daniel wants to leave his current label is because of BIGBANG’s Seungri.

The media reported that Seungri introduced a 40-year-old woman to Kang Daniel. This woman was said to be luring Kang Daniel away from his current label, LM Entertainment.

LM Entertainment released a statement:

“It’s true that we have received a certification of contract validation. However this issue is not about contract termination, but about revising certain contract clauses. We are currently in good negotiations.”

— LM Entertainment

The issue regarding Bigbang Seungri was not mentioned.

However, Kang Daniel officially released an announcement and letter to avoid misunderstanding and spreading of fake news.

Kang Daniel revealed that he wasn’t planning of leaving LM Entertainment but he was just asking a contract revision because LM Entertainment is not allowing him to manage his own social media account while he is still in hiatus.

Kang Daniel revealed that he just wanted to connect to his fans while he doesn’t have activities yet, but LM Entertainment is stopping him from doing so.

Since he doesn’t have control yet of his social media account, Kang Daniel revealed the truth through his official fan cafe:

Hello, this is Kang Daniel. 

First of all, I thank all of you fans for trusting me and waiting for me for over a month, and I once again apologize for having this message conveyed through negative articles. 

As reported earlier, I am currently in a dispute with LM Entertainment.

(For a long time,) I felt that my fans would be worried if I weren’t very active on SNS, so, with high hopes, I had asked the agency to present me with an SNS account on which I could be active under my own name. 

In order to show fans a better side to myself, I had actively asked the agency to give me the account, but the agency had rejected my request. And, today, an article saying that we are currently in a dispute had gone out.”

Kang Daniel also mentioned about the malicious articles that were published by media outlets a few days ago and he said he doesn’t want his fans to get hurt by “false accusations.”

Kang Daniel added:

I couldn’t hold off much longer, so I mustered up the courage and decided to open up a brand new, personal Instagram of mine, which will go live tomorrow at 12 PM. I miss you all so much.”

Kang Daniel ended his letter with, “The truth will be revealed soon.”

What truth do you think was Kang Daniel referring to? Why do you think LM Entertainment is not letting Kang Daniel connect to his fans during his hiatus? Stay tuned for further updates.


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