Korean Media

After spreading false accusations against Seungri, Korean media throws another long episode of accusations against YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk.

MBC’s show “Straight” accuses Yang Hyun Suk on national television of offering prostitution services to foreign investors.

The show claims they have detailed evidence to support their accusation. They revealed that two Southeast Asian businessmen who were with prostitutes went to a restaurant that Yang Hyun Suk owned and went to a club later on that was rumored to be owned by Yang Hyun Suk.

Yang Hyun Suk denied all the allegations.

“The claims are false. Although Yang Hyun Suk was there, as he had been invited by an acquaintance, there was never any solicitations of any kinds of services.”

Just like the usual, after the show received attention from people, the South Korean police are now planning to investigate this issue.

MBC’s “Straight” was also rumored to have reported false accusations against Seungri during the start of Burning Sun issue.

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