Gyeonggi Provincial Police Department officially announced to the public that iKON B.I. tested negative from all his drug tests.

On February 27, the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Department held a public conference announcing to the public the result of iKON B.I.’s drug test.

As released by the media outlet, Sports World:

B.I has tested negative in his illegal drug use evaluation. The Gyeonggi police carried out meticulous evaluations by sending B.I’s hair follicles to the National Forensics Department, and the results concluded that no illegal drug substances were found.” 

As iKON B.I. tested negative from the drug tests conducted by the Korean police, it is also suspected that he might also be innocent from the drug dealing charges.

#HelloHanbinIsFree trended #1 Worldwide on Twitter after the result was revealed to the public.

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