Sandara Park

Comedian Lee Yong Jin blatantly doubts 2ne1 Sandara Park’s hosting skill on National TV.

On the recent episode of Video Star, comedian Lee Yong Jin said to everyone on national television that the reason why Sandara Park became one of the hosts in Video Start is because of YG Entertainment’s power.

Sandara Park calmly replied, “It’s not because of my agency’s power. It is because of my power.”

Sandara Park then went on top of the table and immediately showed everyone an aegyo which surprised everyone.

After witnessing Sandara Park’s aegyo, Lee Yong Jin then said, “I guess it was indeed due to her abilities. I was rash.”

After the show was aired, a lot of fans expressed their disappointment on Lee Yong Jin.

Some fans said that Lee Yong Jin underestimated Dara’s popularity and talent in hosting.

A fan also said that people always call out YG Entertainment when the company is not getting their artists some projects, but when YG Entertainment finally gives jobs for their artists, people will still accuse YG Entertainment for using their power to get some projects for their artists.

With YG Entertainment’s power or not, Sandara Park has already proven that even though she’s a visual in the entertainment industry, she can still show her funny side to the world.

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