We all wear makeup, right? If not everyday at least whenever we go out for work or school. Beautifying the face is every girl’s essential routine. We want to look good because it makes us feel good and more confident about ourselves. However, sometimes in our attempt to be appreciated we overdo our makeup. It becomes a disaster instead of making us even prettier. To avoid makeup disasters and to be sure we are using everything from concealer to lipstick right, here are some makeup tips you should remember.

1. Use a hypoallergenic scotch tape when applying eye liner and eye shadows.

It will serve as a guide especially if you’re aiming for a more daring look such as the “cat eye”. The tape will help you achieve an even look for both eyes.


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2. Eye bags? We are told to use concealer to hide them.

Most of us just sweep the concealer stick over the entire under eye area and blend it. But to really cover bags, it is advise to highlight the crease and then apply a darker shade of foundation to the actual puffy area.

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3. To create a naturally beautiful eye makeup, highlighting is very significant.

Use three lighter colors : white, cream, and pearls. The white should be applied in the inner corners, cream for the middle of the eye, and pearls under your brow bone. After putting highlights and blending them well, you can move to applying darker shades.


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4. You can create an illusion to make your eyes bigger or smaller.

A white eye pencil applied beneath your water line will make your eyes bigger while a dark or black pencil will make them smaller.


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5. Want to look like you are not wearing makeup at all yet still giving the limelight to your eyes? Try tightlining.

Tightlining? It’s a technique in applying your dark eye pencil liner in between your lashes. It will add definition and volume to your lashes even without mascara.


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6. In applying face powder, start from where you are shiniest.

Usually it’s the T-zone so focus the volume of your powder there then blend evenly to the rest of your face with a very light dusting.


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7. When putting a blush, the best technique is to smile.

Start on the apple of the cheek and blend the brush back towards the top of the ear then down towards the jawline.


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8. Let’s go to applying mascara.

Never ever do quick motions when applying wet mascara as it will not look nice at all. Instead, push the wand into the root of the lash and do a zigzag motion as you go up.


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9. Want a matte effect with your lips? Apply lipstick then pat gently a translucent powder on top of your lips and see the result.


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10. Lastly and most importantly, is on shaping your eyebrows.

Use an eyebrow pencil, gel or powder that closely matches the color of your own eyebrows. Brush the brow up with a brow comb. With your pencil, gel or powder, follow the basic shape of your brows. The tip is to shade and work only with the hair that is there rather than draw on eyebrows.


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