MNET officially reveals the nominees for MAMA 2018, received backlash for excluding iKON in Best Male Group’ and ‘Artist Of The Year’ categories.

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After MNET revealed the nominees in different categories for this year’s MAMA, Knetz and international K-pop fans immediately questioned the credibility of MNET’s choices for the Best Male Group’ and ‘Artist Of The Year’ categories.

iKON’s ‘Love Scenario’ which was written and composed by iKON themselves, achieved the 204 Perfect All Kills— the all-time highest record of Perfect-All-Kill in the entire Korean music industry, didn’t get nominated for the ‘Best Male Group’ and ‘Artist Of The Year’ categories.

However, iKON’s Love Scenario was nominated in the Best Vocal Performance and Song of the Year categories.

Some people still question MNET because iKON were nominated for the Song of the Year but didn’t get nominated for the Artist of the Year.

iKON had three comebacks this year and released almost twenty songs this year. All songs were very successful on charts around the world.

iKON won 19 #1 awards on weekly award shows this year for Love Scenario, Killing Me, and Goodbye Road.

All songs were written by iKON’s leader, B.i., along with other iKON members.

Compared to the other nominees in the Best Male Group’ and ‘Artist Of The Year’ categories, based on facts, iKON were more successful on charts and in terms of awards received.

Indeed, iKON’s continuous success from January until November showed that iKON is one of the most successful K-pop groups this year.

This year, iKON’s success didn’t only focus on their music, but iKON also achieved a huge success for iKON TV.

iKON was also chosen by the SEA Games staff to represent South Korea to the world and got the chance to perform in Indonesia. iKON was chosen among all K-pop boy and girl groups due to the massive success of iKON’s Love Scenario.

Check out some of the comments after knowing the list of MAMA 2018 nominees.

  • “iKON really deserves recognition for their success with “Love Scenario” … but it’s MAMA we’re talking about so I don’t have high hopes.”

  • “Are u f*king serious no iKON IN best dance in Male Group, in Best Male Group, In Artist of the Year, Best Music Video…”

  • “I don’t expect they’ll let iKON win any awards. tsk tsk”

  • “should not have nominated iKON at all, when you are not gonna give them anything.”



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