Momoland Nyun

MOMOLAND’s Nayun talks about why she first wanted to become an actress.

Momoland Nayun, recently wrapped up filming for her web drama “The Police” and is busy practicing with her members. Also she currently participated in a pictorial and interview with bnt International.

Even though, at first made her debut as a singer, the interviewer mentioned that Nayun had originally dreamed of being an actress. Nayun shared, “I initially started out wanting to act, but I became an idol because I also found singing and dancing so much fun. The more I did it, the more I enjoyed it, so I ended up changing directions because my interest grew and grew”. Nayun then named actress Gong Hyo Jin’s performance in drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ she explained that Gong Hyo Jin is her role model, saying, “I had watched Gong Hyo Jin before that, but after watching this drama, I thought that I really wanted to try acting.” as her inspiration for why she first dreamt of becoming an actress.

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