Sister Slam Dunk Season 2

If you’re familiar with KBS variety show ‘Sister Slam Dunk’, there’s a good chance you have heard of the ‘Unnies’. The season 1 of the show realized then-member Min Hyorin’s dream to join a girl group. The 6 members of the first season debuted under the name ‘Unnies’ with their song, ‘Shut Up’. This time, 7 members of the season 2 made their comeback with a new song, ‘Right?’

A New Challenge

Unlike the first installment of the series, Sister Slam Dunk season 2 specifically focuses on showing the journey of the 7 members to stand on the stage as a girl group. Actress Kang Ye-Won, one of the casts, had to struggle with vocal fold nodules in order to sing her part in the song. Actress and a mother of one, Han Chae-Young, showed great effort in dancing and singing – something she has never done before. Along with the five remaining members, their training showed the impressive result as we can see in their comeback stage and music video.

Check the video down below!

Photo credit: osennews via Naver
Video credit: 1theK via YouTube

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