New K-pop Groups

YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Fantagio and more are debuting new K-pop groups in 2023. Who do you think will be at the top?

2022 has been truly exciting, as the year was dominated by girl groups’ debuts. From NMIXX to LeSerrafim, the competition was intense, and K-pop fans have realized that the standards of K-pop idols have become higher than usual. K-pop fans have realized that having one skill has become mainstream and that K-pop idols nowadays have to showcase more skills in order to stand out.

In 2023, some entertainment companies like YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Fantagio, and more are already gearing up for the upcoming debuts of the new generation of K-pop idols. Girl groups will no longer be dominating the line-up as entertainment labels have revealed to be finally debuting boy groups this year.

1. YG Entertainment

On New Year’s Eve, YG Entertainment has announced that their long-awaited new girl group after Blackpink will be officially debuting this year with the name “BabyMonster.”

BabyMonster has created a huge buzz as K-pop fans discovered that their youngest member is still 13 years old. Though she’s not still sure to be part of final members, K-pop fans were still surprised how K-pop labels nowadays are debuting trainees with ages younger than 15 years old.

YG Entertainment has revealed that seven YG trainees who’s names are Ruka, Ahyeon, Chiquita, Haram, Rora, Asa, and Pharita will compete to be part of the final line-up. Who will be part of the final line-up? YG Entertainment will surely announce it second quarter of this year.


After Aespa, SM Entertainment was rumored to be debuting a new girl group with eight members. Last November 2022, SM Training Unit’s official IG account has posted a silhouette photo of eight girls who was thought to be travelling together. Though it’s still unsure whether SM Entertainment will debut their new girl group this year, SM Entertainment has already started releasing snippets of teasers of this new girl group.

3. KOZ Entertainment

KOZ Entertainment, a company built by Zico, has announced that they will also be debuting their first-ever boy group. KOZ Entertainment has also held auditions which was announced on HYBE’s YouTube channel as KOZ Entertainment is under the umbrella of HYBE.

KOZ Entertainment has revealed that their first boy group will not be a hip-hop group as they don’t want this group to be specified in just one genre.

4. FANTAGIO Entertainment

The home of Astro, especially Cha Eun Woo, and WekiMeki has announced to be debuting their second boy group. The company has revealed that the target date of debut has yet to be finalized but is already sure to debut in the first half of 2023.

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