Flower Road Shoes

Nike just made two unique pair of “Flower Road” shoes for Bigbang’s G-dragon and TOP.

Nike didn’t forget to give Bigbang’s G-dragon and Top a truly one of a kind gift after their military service, a “Flower Road” shoes especially made for Bigbang’s G-dragon and Top.

Nike’s “Flower Road” shoes are not for sale and were made only for Bigbang’s G-dragon and Top.

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G-dragon also partnered with Nike for his Peaceminusone’s Para-Noise Air Force 1 Limited Edition which was successfully sold out in just a few minutes.

G-dragon’s Para-Noise Limited Edition shoes were not only worn by his fans, but celebrities were also spotted flexing Para-Noise on their Instagram. Artists like EXO, Park Shin Hye, Sandara Park who received all three versions of Para-Noise shoes from G-dragon and more.  Even basketball players and underground rappers joined the trend.

Some international artists even went to South Korea just to purchase Para-Noise since it was initially sold only in South Korea. After Nike announced that Para-Noise is already available for Korea’s neighboring countries, it was again, sold out in just a few seconds.

Check out the really long line for G-dragon’s Para-Noise.


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