Curling athlete Kim Eun-Jung?

Are you a sport enthusiast? Amidst K-Pop comebacks and new dramas being released, the South Korean’s sole interest would be in the biggest sports event of the year – the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. So far, South Korea has won 11 medals in total, marking their number 9th spot on the ranking.

But Olympics have never been only about the medals. For example, take a look at South Korean’s curling team captain Kim Eun-Jung who suddenly went viral. True, the country’s curling theme did a fantastic job but that’s not why the skip went viral. Kim Eun-Jung became an instant internet meme thanks to her serious face and her catchphrase, “Young-Mi! Young-Mi!” The Young-Mi in question is actually her teammate, Kim Young-Mi.

While the sport isn’t considered popular in South Korea, Kim Eun-Jung’s impact would surely bring more attention to curling.

Photo credit: BBC UK

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