Curling athlete Kim Eun-Jung?

Are you a sport enthusiast? Amidst K-Pop comebacks and new dramas being released, the South Korean’s sole interest would be in the biggest sports event of the year – the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. So far, South Korea has won 11 medals in total, marking their number 9th spot on the ranking.

But Olympics have never been¬†only¬†about the medals. For example, take a look at South Korean’s curling team captain Kim Eun-Jung who suddenly went viral. True, the country’s curling theme did a fantastic job but that’s not why the skip went viral. Kim Eun-Jung became an instant internet meme thanks to her serious face and her catchphrase, “Young-Mi! Young-Mi!” The Young-Mi in question is actually her teammate, Kim Young-Mi.

While the sport isn’t considered popular in South Korea, Kim Eun-Jung’s impact would surely bring more attention to curling.

Photo credit: BBC UK


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