Park Bo Gum relayed his desire to work with Song Joong Ki on the recent 2017 Seoul Drama Awards!

On the red carpet, Park Bo Gum was asked by the MC about his answer on Song Joong Ki’s intention to work with him for a project.

Last year, Song Joong Ki shared that he wants to work with good friend Park Bo Gum on anything. Whether it be a brotherly relationship or a rivalry for a woman. He stated that he really wants to work with the young actor.

The MC of the red carpet then asked about Park Bo Gum’s side. He also stated that he wants to work with Song Joong Ki and it would be great if they will play as brothers or enemies for a woman. But like what Song Joong Ki stated, he just wants to work with him in any project if there will be a chance.

Park Bo Gum also received the same award as Song Joong Ki on 2017 Seoul Drama Awards and on his speech, he congratulated Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on his upcoming wedding.

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