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iKON is set to comeback on October 1, 2018. How did iKON get three comebacks in one year while Blackpink only had one comeback this year?

Recently, YG Entertainment dropped iKON’s third comeback teaser which received a lot of different reactions from YG supporters, iKON fans were glad about the comeback while other YG groups’ supporters were thinking that there’s favoritism in YG Entertainment.

How did iKON get a third comeback while other YG Entertainment groups only had one?

Seungri explained why some YG Entertainment groups take a longer hiatus than other groups in YG.

Aside from the renowned fact that YG’s very strict when giving his approval, there’s another unique reason why some YG Entertainment groups get a longer hiatus than other YG Entertainment groups.

Seungri revealed:

“You might also know that YG is not a company that produces albums and makes your schedule when you’re just sitting around doing nothing. The artists have to take initiative. Or else it could take a year or even 3 years.”

“All of YG artists are working very hard. It just takes that much longer to produce great results. YG Entertainment waits until the album is absolutely perfect. I also took the initiative and did everything to be able to make a comeback as soon as possible.”

This explained how iKON got their comeback while Blackpink only had one comeback this year.

iKON’s leader, B.i., writes iKON songs ever since pre-debut. He’s been seen sleep walking at the airport for not having enough rest to give iKONICS another comeback. B.i. sometimes do a V-Live broadcast around 1:00a.m. KST making music inside his studio. iKON B.i. also revealed that he has already wrote songs enough for ten albums.

This means that iKON only rely only on B.i. to be able to release another song or album. This also means that iKON’s comeback timeline relies on B.i. which means the group holds more control about their comeback than other YG Entertainment groups like Blackpink.

Meanwhile, Teddy is composing songs for Blackpink. That means Blackpink need to wait for Teddy to have a song written and produced for them.

BUT WORRY NO MORE! Blackpink might not get another comeback yet, but you’ll surely get to see more of them soon as YG Entertainment announced Blackpink’s “In Your Area” concert which will start on November 10, 2018.


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