Shinee Taemin

On September 7, SHINee’s Taemin released his solo return with the 3rd album “Never Gonna Dance Again.”

In a behind video of Taemin’s photoshoot, W Korea decided to get to the bottom of the interesting choice – why Taemin decided to call his album “Never Gonna Dance Again”.

“So ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ literally means I won’t dance. As I have a very strong image connected to dancing, I was trying to express the ‘rebellious’ side of myself” Taemin said.

“It’s hard for someone to break away or change something they’ve been doing their whole lives. I wanted to try something like that,” he further elaborated.

Taemin revealed that that was the reason why his pre-release masterpiece “2 KIDS” doesn’t really have a set choreography! Instead, Taemin simply wants to give fans excitement for his performances.

“That’s why ‘2 KIDS’ doesn’t really have choreography. There’s no set performance. I just wanted to give you excitement,” he said.


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