Move aside Baby Shark, this is the newest viral song in South Korea.


iKON’s Love Scenario proves that the song is loved by all ages. Usually, when K-pop idols release a song, only the teenagers and adults are able to appreciate the song. But, iKON proved to everyone that K-pop songs are not just for those who loves upbeat and emotional song lovers. K-pop songs can also be perfect for kids to sing along to.

Check out these videos below showing kids singing to iKON’s Love Scenario:



And guess what? The song is not only viral to the kids in Korea, but in Philippines as well.

Check out these three lovely popular kids from the Philippines who are streaming iKON’s Love Scenario non-stop.

Currently, iKON’s Love Scenario is still at no.1 in all music charts in South Korea making it a legendary song that has achieved with most Perfect All-Kill for a K-pop group.

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