During the 7th Gaon Chart Awards, iKON’s Jay (mostly called as Jinhwan) surprised everyone with his duet with AKMU’s Suhyun.

Jinhwan and Suhyun sang AKMU’s Last Goodbye which won the Song of the Year award.

As Jinhwan sang on stage, everyone went crazily surprised seeing the iKON member. They were surprised of his manly or anime-like look. Jinhwan’s visual is so surreal that he looked like a human taken from a manga. With his small face, cute chin, perfect shape of face, sharp eyes, perfect nose, perfect hairstyle, who can resist iKON Jinhwan’s visual?

Even though it was expected that there are no iKONICS in the crowd since iKON was not invited in the event, when Jinhwan showed up on stage, the crowd went wild screaming for iKON’s Jinhwan.

Check out this proof below (WARNING: Loud screams.)


Right away, after the show, these photos of iKON’s Jinhwan went viral.

Related image

Can you see how perfect his visual is? It’s like, his visual was drawn perfectly.

Meanwhile, some non-Kpop/ iKON fans thought that Jinhwan can be the Asian Leonardo Dicaprio during the Titanic era.

Fans immediately edited these photos below.



What can you say of iKON Jinhwan’s visual? Comment your thoughts below.

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