The super group band released video and reacting to their newest single from their fast approaching album “Super One”.

Super M’s leader Baekhyun started that they will be seeing the music video for the first time.

The boys directly surprised when playing the video by the amazing effects with smiles in their face while recognizing that they remember some part on set.

Mark notices about Taemin are wearing a cowboy that they hadn’t seen before. “I actually wondered at the time, do I appear riding a horse?” Taemin responds. “He didn’t know about the CGI at the time” Taemin added.

After watching the music video the super group excited to see how their fans reach their new single “100” music video. “It was really great to watch it together with my member. I liked how it feels like we were becoming one through just a small screen.” Baekhyun concludes.

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