Taeyang shows Bigbang’s real bond.

It’s not a secret that Bigbang was experiencing a lot of trouble early this year which made a lot of VIP hearts worry about Bgbang’s future as a group. BUT, Bigbang’s resiliency is no secret in the industry. It’s not the first time that Bigbang was under major controversies. Despite the major controversies, Bigbang was still able to redeem their elite or legendary group status worldwide.

Well, big thanks to VIPs and Bigbang’s real brother-like bond that no matter what problems may arise, they will surely still be able to stay at the top. VIPs and Bigbang had been through the roughest roads in the industry, but just like what the famous quote says, “It’s you (VIPs) and me (Bigbang) against the world.” The world may throw the biggest stone at Bigbang, but VIPs will surely still be there to be their support system. Same goes if VIPs are under attack by another fandom, Bigbang will be there to defend their never-ending love and support for the legendary group.

This video below will surely make VIP hearts extremely happy. Watch this.



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