XG, who made a global splash on January 25th with their third single SHOOTING STAR, today released their first documentary, XTRA XTRA EP X1, which captures their five year journey to debut.

In the recently released XTRA XTRA EP XX, XG’s producer (SIMON) JAKOPS revealed that he had been working independently for about five years to discover, nurture, plan, manage, and produce XG, starting with the establishment of global entertainment production company XGALX. The group also expressed their desire to create a girl group that is neither K-Pop nor J-Pop.

In XTRA XTRA EP X1, the XG members look back on their trainee days. The story begins with each member, such as JURIN, who at the time was a professional snowboarder, and HARVEY who was a model. The members all talk about their motivation to join the XGALX project and to become artists.

In June 2018, 21 trainees stepped into XGALX’s dedicated studio. The documentary shows the girls excited to begin their new lives, before focusing on the hard training ahead, with Simon treating them as adults rather than children, often with harsh words.
The girls’ life as trainees at XGALX begins and they start on the path to realizing their dreams. This video shows the very beginnings of XG, and makes for compelling viewing.

At the end of the video, a short clip from the Korean training camp is shown as a preview of the next episode. The documentary ends with SIMON saying that the team ranked in third-place will be eliminated from the project. What will happen in the next episode?

XG Documentary Series ‘XTRA XTRA’ EP X1

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