Who are the Top 10 K-pop Groups with the highest roof-hit count?


What is a roof-hit count?

A roof-hit count is when the song hits the roof of the music chart. This means that the song achieved the highest number of listeners, real time.

A song reaching a roof-hit means that the song is indeed a huge hit.

Getting a roof-hit is not an easy achievement because music charts record unique number of listeners and downloads.

Now, who are the top 10 groups in K-pop who achieved the highest roof-hit count since debut? Check out the list below.

The oldest group in the list is Bigbang while the youngest group in the list is iKON.

Bigbang is a twelve-year old group who is called as the King’s of K-pop, while iKON is still a three-year old group. Both groups are from YG Entertainment.

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