Beats In Kpop

What are the most catchy beats in K-pop?

From electronic to bass, K-pop has always been giving us the catchiest music to enjoy. Check out this Top 10 Most Catchy Beats in K-pop!

PSY Gangname Style

We all know it. PSY’s Gangnam Style will always be superior. The catchy song that caught the heart of the world. No one could resist the power of Oppa, Gangnam Style! Bet you had to sing that part!

Blackpink Ddu-Ddu Ddu-Du

When you thought that the chorus of Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is already catchy, wait until you get to the last part of the song! You will witness a jawdropping beat drop paired with Blackpink’s crazy dance break at 2:58 of the song. This part never fails to surprise everyone. No wonder this song already reached 1 billion views on YouTube!

Bigbang Bang Bang Bang

Another YG artist in the top list is Bigbang’s phenomenal Bang Bang Bang. That catchy music drop in the chorus of the song always comes as a surprise to anyone who hears it for the first time. Full of swag and uniqueness!

EXO Kokobop

Who can resist Kokobop’s roller coaster music drop? The mystical music music drop can surely make you wave your body! It has been one of the trendiest songs in 2017!

BTS Dope

No wonder why this song made BTS famous! The catchy dance beat at the chorus of the song is indeed irresistible. It can make you sway your head to the beat of the song!

Momoland Boom Boom

Boom Boom’s catchy beat caught the heart of the dance lovers. It is indeed a GREAT! song that became popular in Asia!

Monsta X Hero

You know what it is! The underrated catchy beat of Hero from the start until the end of the song can make you snap those arms and legs. Get those hips some snaps too!

Wanna One Boomerang

Missing this superb group? Wannaone’s Boomerang can indeed make you dance to its catchy beat and dance steps.

Everglow Dun Dun

Yes! Another girl group in the list is Everglow’s Dun Dun. Despite being just a new group, Everglow never fail to surprise everyone with their catchy songs!

iKON Bling Bling

Talk about swag and hip-hop in one song! Just like their senior group Bigbang, iKON also never fails to give us the catchy swag beat that we all need to hear! Everyone can’t resist that drop of iKON’s Bling Bling!


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