Kpop Groups

Are you looking for a new group to stan outside the mainstream K-pop groups that K-pop fans are stanning today?

Check out this five amazing groups below that K-pop fans definitely need to hear!

1. 3YE

3YE is a Korean girl group consist of three girls whose names are Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun. The group is under GH Entertainment. They debuted on May 21, 2019 with the song “Do Ma Thang.” Check out the song below.

2. Everglow

Some of you may have already heard about Everglow because of their viral dance compilation of some popular K-pop songs before their debut. However, this group somehow deserves more recognition for their amazing songs than what they are getting now. Everglow is under Yuehua Entertainment from China who eventually expanded in South Korea and partnered with Starship Entertainment to establish a K-pop entertainment label in Korea. Check out their latest song “Dun Dun” below.

3. CIX

Another K-pop group you should check out is CIX. Some of YG Entertainment former trainees are part of this new K-pop group who just debuted in 2019. Check out their catchy song “Movie Star.”



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