Relationships In K-Pop

In the competitive industry of K-pop, it’s hard for K-pop artists to find a person whom they can call a true friend. However, some K-pop artists were lucky and blessed enough to find a buddy whom they could rely to even when the road gets bumpy.

Check out these top five amazing bromance relationships in K-pop:

5. Winner’s Mino & Block B’s Zico

The story behind the friendship of these two K-pop idols will surely tear you up. Did you know that Winner’s Mino was supposed to debut as a member of Block B? To make the long story short, Mino and Zico spent most of their childhood days together before they became popular idols today. Despite being part of different companies, Zico and Mino maintained their friendship together and even did a song collaboration. Watch Mino and Zico’s “Okey Dokey” below:

4. SHINee’s Jonghyun, Minho, & Key

SHINee’s Jonghyun was one of the most adorable members of SHINee. Minho and Key always took good care of Jonghyun, on and off camera. When the news about Jonghyun’s death broke to the public, Key and Minho had it hard and couldn’t believe that it was true. They lost an angel, but Jonghyun will forever be in their hearts and will always be remembered.

3. iKON’s Jinhwan (Jay) & Junhoe (Ju-Ne)

These two members of iKON are one of the most popular ships in K-pop boy groups. With Jinhwan’s beautiful facial feature and Junhoe’s handsome-manly visual, it’s no wonder why iKON fans love to ship these two members. Aside from their visuals, the two members are always together especially off-cam. There was a dating rumor before where the two were together in a club with some girls. In iKON TV, Junhoe suggested a dating episode where he brought Jinhwan to Haeundae, Busan. Isn’t that sweet?! Watch this video below to witness their extreme closeness together:

2. iKON’s Hanbin (B.I.) & Yunhyeong (Song)

Another bromance in iKON is Yunhyeong and Hanbin. Yunhyeong once said in one of iKON TV’s episodes that the reason why he became and is still a singer today is because of the iKON members. Whenever Hanbin went out without having breakfast or dinner first, Yunhyeong always cooks food for Hanbin when he gets home. Yunhyeong also said that Hanbin deserves the money that he’s getting every pay day because he works hardest the most for the group. Meanwhile, despite being iKON’s leader, Hanbin once said in iKON TV that Yunheong is the center of iKON and can even become the leader of iKON.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & Taeyang

Many people probably already know how close Bigbang members are with each other. G-Dragon was once asked whom would he loved to be his last friend on the planet, and G-Dragon answered Taeyang. The friendship between the two is one of the most popular and known friendship in the K-pop industry. They spent more than half of their lives together through thick and thin. Bigbang never had it easy back then. All they had was each other’s back. There’s no wonder why these two took the number one spot on the list. Watch this video below to get a glimpse of G-Dragon and Taeyang’s untold past.

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